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Thank You Fire Fighters !


Anonymous Letter to Teachers


 From Donna Kneller's Facebook Page.

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Our Hearts go out to the RCMP who have fallen and their families in the recent events in Eastern Canada.



From Jack and Melinda

Saturday may 24th
3-8 pm
House of the caribbean fundraising BBQ
557 Bernard ave.
Our address is off Lawrence ave right beside town center mall.
Good Food Good Music Good times.
Food is by donation in support of the 3rd annual caribbean festival happening in July in city park.
Come out and enjoy the afternoon listening to some good music and caribbean BBQ.

Big changes ahead if the truth of this is indeed the truth and people believe it enough to use it for change. Certainly not all people in these organizations are criminal but that does not exclude nor should it ever exclude justice from freeing people. When an entity breaks the Law the Law does not provide a clear cut method to weigh the Bad the entity does versus the Good. The method is to create a way in which an entity should operate and punishment should it not operate with in the Law. Surely we could all agree that a more level playing field and  a design to benefit more of humankind rather than just a merry top few is in need all over the globe.


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Love Smart Spicing it up!

Are you a fool for love?
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LoveSmart Logo

Hello Westside, 

You'll Love Our April Fool's Party!

Celebrate spring with an evening of fun and frivolity                                                                                              
and learning about love.

LoveSmart April Fool’s Party
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
O’Lake Cafe and Bistro
375 Lawrence Avenue

The LoveSmart team are excited to invite you to bring your lovely self to join us                              for an April Fool’s Day evening of laughter and learning about life, love and                              

We have exclusive use of O'Lake Cafe and Bistro for the evening. O’Lake                                  (formerly Duncan's) is located at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Pandosy                          Street. where the "staff is always incredibly friendly, and the food is great".

Enjoy the music and sip on a glass of wine while we share some moments of                        foolishness and wisdom. I’ll share with you how LoveSmart helps people bring                            more joy and satisfaction to all of their relationships, and especially in our love                         lives.

I sincerely hope you will join us on Tuesday April 1st at 7pm at O'Lake Cafe and                             Bistro. 

You are welcome on your own or with a friend. To reserve your place, please call Jonathan (250-317-5447) or email (home@lovesmart.ca).

David Church
for the LoveSmart team

Beautiful Spring Flowers arranged at O'Lake Cafe & Bistro
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Take Action: The 2014 Health Care Accord


2014 Health Care Accord              The Council of Canadians has always fought for strengthened public health care. We believe that everyone – provincial and territorial governments, First Nations and the federal government – should come together to ensure the 2014 Health Care Accord delivers better, more efficient, quality public health care that includes a national pharmacare program and better home care and long term care for our aging population. All Canadians should have access to the same services and quality of care provided by a national, public health care system.

Canada is facing an important next step in our medicare history.  In 2014, the current Health Care Accord – the deal that sets funding and health care service delivery agreements between the federal and provincial and territorial governments – expires and must be renegotiated. In the lead-up to these negotiations, we need to remind federal politicians of how much Canadians need and value our public health care system.  http://www.canadians.org/


CETA trade deal threatens Medicare

The Canadian Health Coalition has serious concerns about the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

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Just Say You Got It Local!
New Business Launch:
New Relationship Skills Program
Says “I Do” to the Valley of Love
Your love life can get even better! LoveSmart launched this  Valentine's Day.  Discover a new way to invest in happy, successful, loving relationships! 
We all want to enjoy better relationships. LoveSmart is a 90 day Couples Coaching Course that teaches people the skills they need to be happier and more successful in all their relationships, and especially in their love life. What would you do tomaster your love life?
Join LoveSmart by founder and president David Church.
The LoveSmart 90 day program begins with a weekend couples retreat followed by 12 weekly lessons. LoveSmart retreats are being offered at Summerhill Pyramid Winery  Sparkling Hill Resort 
For more information visit www.lovesmart.ca. To arrange an interview contact:
Karen Mason
LoveSmart what a positive note to report. We could not think of a better 1st scoop to bring to the West Side.
We want your stories. In addition to running a logo contest for each community on-line news paper you the community are why we are here. There are thousands of stories, ideas, businesses, groups and non-profits that reside on the west side of the lake. We have incorporated and are growing. Westbank First Nations is a fantastic success story of the self governing first nations people. West Kelowna is a new Government as well and is settling in just fine. Westbank the proper down town core has maintained its identity through the changes. Living on the Westside has never been better or held a brighter future. We intend on being apart of that future. We will be reporting on these communities to help  build and  empower the residents to facilitate a prosperous and genuine community.
Technology serving Humanity empowering community !
Just Say You Got It Local!
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